Understanding 5 Porter’s Forces

Continuing the previous post, I will give a brief description of 5 Porter’s Forces.

  • Threat of Substitution: The goal of this topic is to measure the potential that consumers can replace a product/service for another product from another industry.
  • Threat of New Entry: It means, how easy the market is for a new player approach, basically the more difficult is to a new competitor get in the market, the better for the company that is in this niche.
  • Competitive Rivalry: It measure a product/service versus its existing direct competitors. Therefore, this point is important to understand the differentiation of this product/service in relation of its competitors.
  • Buyer Power: The power that the consumer has to push the price down. If the customer has this power, the company has to adapt its price according to the consumer demand; it means low power of bargain for company.
  • Suppliers Power: The power that the supplier has on the price. If a company has many options of suppliers for the same product, it gives the company the advantage of bargain in relation of its supplier.

I hope you enjoy this post, if it is not clear yet, click in the link of business-to-you.com explaining more with more details the 5 Porter’s Forces.



Five Porter Forces.

Five Porter forces is a model developed by Michael Porter to analyze competitive factors of a specific industry. This model is applied to measure the potential profitability of the company through the following indicators:

  • Threat of Substitution.
  • Threat of New Entry.
  • Competitive Rivarly.
  • Buyer Power.
  • Supplier Power.

I will explain each one in the following posts. Here is a very good example of Five Porter Forces analysis of Facebook made from forbes.com specialists.


Five Porter Forces is a very powerful tool. But, it is a good idea use it together with others tools such as SWOT and PEST analysis in that way one can complete each other. I will write about these different tools in the future.


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