The importance of gathering consumers’ feedback.

Before a new venture starts its operations, either big or small business, it has already a plan to define the routine of work, such as product/service to be offered, price, how to approach the consumer and so on. Having said that, the question is:

Why gathering feedback from your consumer is so important for the company?

               Well, it has a lot of different argues to answer this question; at this post, I will highlight the small business owner perspective.

               By asking consumer feedback you (your brand) will show your consumer that this person is important for the company; it is a great opportunity to build a relationship between brand and consumer, which will contribute to consumers’ loyalty.

               When a company has negative feedback, it means that its consumer experience was bellow of the expectation, which generates frustration that can result in consumer loss. However, the feedback is a unique chance for a company to learn with mistakes and overcome facing customers’ frustration.

               It is fact that an entrepreneur builds the business plan, or plans to launch some new product/service, or even design a customer relationship position into a company in order to prevent any inconvenience to the consumer. However, during the everyday work tasks, any company is subject to mistakes or is just not so efficient for its purpose. Feedback providing by consumers can support the company with continuous improvement.

During my researches for this post, I found this interesting video about this theme. It is a short explanation about customers’ feedback created by Toni Galardo, retrieved from his youtube channel “Tony Galardo”.

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Vinny Lodi.

The Importance of Having an Online Presence.

Okay, So currently it became a jargon to say that for a company, no matters its size, is important to have an online presence. In fact it IS important, however, How can we explain to a person who owns a company for several years and “Never did it before and the company still worth” or “we always did it that way and we don’t need to change”?

If you think in this way or know someone that does, I will point some reasons to change your mind.

  1. The new “yellow pages”: The world change because the generations change their behavior. While kids used to play with their toys such as the vintage collection of star wars toys in the 1980s, nowadays kids play with their high tech videogames with 3d effect. Going in the same direction, the research engine tool in the past used to be yellow pages, but now, we have Google between others, having an online presence is important to make it easy to be found for your potential consumer.
  2. Mass exposure of your products and services line: while in the past companies needed a sales representative to present its products and services line for a potential consumer, currently a company can upload its entire line on a website and let anyone who has interest in know what kind of product and service the company offer.
  3. Interact with consumers and Gather instant feed-back: I know, I already posted about it. But, it REALLY is important. Back in the past, to build a relationship with consumers was a challenge because it was a “one-way communication” companies used to take a long time to take feed-back and build a contingency plan when it was necessary. Nowadays, the internet provides us a “two ways communications” companies can actually talk with their consumers, gather feedback take a contingency plan when is the case. In addition, this interaction helps to build a strong relationship which results in the loyalty part of consumers.

So, if you think that having an online presence is not important, I hope this post convinces you to change your mind. What is your opinion about it?

Vinny Lodi.

Digital Marketing: The new Tendency of Advertising.

To survive, companies, no matter its size are required to invest part of its annual budget in advertising. It is common for big companies to have in house departments to stipulate the best way to do so, such as the medium of communication as well as budget to be invested in each channel. On the other side, small companies can struggle in order to execute their advertising campaign because of limitations on their budget or lack of knowledge. Its consequence can be, but not limited to, lack of communication with its audience, waste of time and waste of money.

Digital Marketing increases the chances for a company to target its audience in different ways and solve the lack of communication and the waste of time problems due to the number of tools and applications available on its channel. Nowadays, it is possible to use this channel to reach a specific group of people targeting your audience in a personal way and at the same time achieve a big number of potential consumers.       

Digital Marketing is the new tendency of advertising because it can avoid a waste of money. It is proven that social media platforms made it easier for small companies to create their Digital ID. It is a low-cost way to build a relationship with consumers and receive feedback. Also, through social media platforms, a company can advertise its products/services, gather testimony of consumers that had good buying experiences and spread its community.

       Finally, according to “Over one-third of CMOs believe that digital will account for 75% of marketing spend in the next five years” (The difference between digital marketing & traditional advertising). It shows that Digital marketing revolutionized the advertising way and become part of every day of the population.

       It is important to say that before build a marketing plan or advertise on the internet is important to search about your industry, consumers’ preferences and keep your eyes on your competitors’ actions.

Strategy and Implementation.

Resultado de imagem para imagem de executivos trabalhando

Currently companies have to be aware about their Market. With instant information have a good strategy is fundamental for success. However, it is common to see companies failing in order to implement their strategy plan. Although each strategy’s plan has its own indicators and ways to measure results, here are some tips to support the success to implement yours plans.

                First, define your objective; has a clear objective key to set your strategy. (E.g. Think in a GPS; if you know the address that you want to go, it will find the best way.)

                Second, make it simple; many companies struggle themselves because try to implement a complex plan for small problems.

                Third, know who is the right person to execute the job; know who has the right characteristic to delegate a task can make difference between success and failure.

                Fourth, pay attention in order to choose metrics to measure the plan’s status; some companies don’t measure the progress of their plan, or choose wrong metrics to do so.

                Fifth, set contingency plans; before implement a plan always ask the question; If this plan doesn’t work, what will I do?; in that way you can fix your plan right the way.

                If you want to learn more about it, see bellow this interesting post.

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Social Media Marketing

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                It is common small to see small companies failing to reach its audience due lack of knowledge and limited resource. Nowadays, thanks the internet and incredible media channel that social media platform are, a small company can build a profile and interact with its consumers FREE. SOCIAL MEDIA Platform is a website that allows people or companies create a profile and build their own network based on most various themes. Thinking in a business profile, a company can reach and interact with its possible consumers. Currently, the main social media webpages are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

                In order to create a professional profile at social media platform, make sure that you search some tips on the internet. Remember build a professional profile is not the same thing to build a personal profile. In others words, consumers is looking for companies that shows credibility and transparency; be aware about it can give you extra points with your possible consumer.

                If you want to learn more about it, see the link bellow:

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