The importance of gathering consumers’ feedback.

Before a new venture starts its operations, either big or small business, it has already a plan to define the routine of work, such as product/service to be offered, price, how to approach the consumer and so on. Having said that, the question is:

Why gathering feedback from your consumer is so important for the company?

               Well, it has a lot of different argues to answer this question; at this post, I will highlight the small business owner perspective.

               By asking consumer feedback you (your brand) will show your consumer that this person is important for the company; it is a great opportunity to build a relationship between brand and consumer, which will contribute to consumers’ loyalty.

               When a company has negative feedback, it means that its consumer experience was bellow of the expectation, which generates frustration that can result in consumer loss. However, the feedback is a unique chance for a company to learn with mistakes and overcome facing customers’ frustration.

               It is fact that an entrepreneur builds the business plan, or plans to launch some new product/service, or even design a customer relationship position into a company in order to prevent any inconvenience to the consumer. However, during the everyday work tasks, any company is subject to mistakes or is just not so efficient for its purpose. Feedback providing by consumers can support the company with continuous improvement.

During my researches for this post, I found this interesting video about this theme. It is a short explanation about customers’ feedback created by Toni Galardo, retrieved from his youtube channel “Tony Galardo”.

            Thank you.

Vinny Lodi.


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