Digital Marketing: The new Tendency of Advertising.

To survive, companies, no matter its size are required to invest part of its annual budget in advertising. It is common for big companies to have in house departments to stipulate the best way to do so, such as the medium of communication as well as budget to be invested in each channel. On the other side, small companies can struggle in order to execute their advertising campaign because of limitations on their budget or lack of knowledge. Its consequence can be, but not limited to, lack of communication with its audience, waste of time and waste of money.

Digital Marketing increases the chances for a company to target its audience in different ways and solve the lack of communication and the waste of time problems due to the number of tools and applications available on its channel. Nowadays, it is possible to use this channel to reach a specific group of people targeting your audience in a personal way and at the same time achieve a big number of potential consumers.       

Digital Marketing is the new tendency of advertising because it can avoid a waste of money. It is proven that social media platforms made it easier for small companies to create their Digital ID. It is a low-cost way to build a relationship with consumers and receive feedback. Also, through social media platforms, a company can advertise its products/services, gather testimony of consumers that had good buying experiences and spread its community.

       Finally, according to “Over one-third of CMOs believe that digital will account for 75% of marketing spend in the next five years” (The difference between digital marketing & traditional advertising). It shows that Digital marketing revolutionized the advertising way and become part of every day of the population.

       It is important to say that before build a marketing plan or advertise on the internet is important to search about your industry, consumers’ preferences and keep your eyes on your competitors’ actions.


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